10 Most Common mistakes students make on tests like GMAT and GRE

10 Most Common mistakes students make on tests like GMAT and GRE

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More significantly, what are the major mistakes Indian students build on tests like the GMAT and also the GRE, To know read this blog

10 Most Common mistakes students make on tests like GMAT and GRE

In India, there has been a uniform rise in the range of scholars learning abroad. With over 3 lakh students abroad, India is merely second to China for students flying abroad to urge an international degree. This trend may most likely be why we've seen an increase within the GMAT and also the GRE test-takers in India. Students contemplate the GMAT and also the GRE as their entryway to their dream faculties. But, do Indian students approach these exams the correct way? More significantly, what are the major mistakes Indian students build on tests like the GMAT and also the GRE?

1-     There is a typical idea among Indian students that each examination they furnish is simply a test of knowledge. The GMAT and therefore the GRE are often tough. They check a candidate’s business communication skills, not their English and they check their analytical application skills and not their knowledge in mathematics.

2-   It may sound outré to several folks out there; however the GMAT and also the GRE don't seem to be exams within which a candidate has to realize the precise answer. Most of the time, they struggle to search out the precise answer to a question while not even viewing the choices given. What they have to try and do is to search out the most effective answer from the 5 choices provided, albeit the solution doesn’t look right.

3-   The GMAT and also the GRE are tests that need a candidate to keep track of the time they invest in a question. All the candidate’s efforts can move into vain if they can't answer every question in an exceedingly given time. The brain functions otherwise when the time is ticking, and that they have to be ready for it.

4-   Thanks to the Indian education system, we've got all been schooled to answer on the condition that we tend to be positive that it's correct. But on the GMAT and therefore the GRE, a candidate has to learn to form educated guesses on some queries. It’ll facilitate them save time for those they'll solve.

5-    We would have all had that one class fellow who studied for 14 hours daily or noted each single book on the world before taking a test. They could have scored sensible grades at school. But this approach won't work for people who are getting ready for the GMAT or the GRE. With these exams, it's regarding learning neatly by active and analyzing the queries and answers.

6-   Do not believe ‘accuracy’ as a metric as the GMAT assesses a candidate supporting the underlying problem of the queries that they solve. If they answer additional 700 score-level queries properly, the candidate can get to unravel additional queries of a similar level.

7-    The queries on these tests are quite deceptive. The tough questions on the GMAT and the GRE won’t appear completely different from the remainder. In fact, they will look very easy to solve. Due to this, a candidate would possibly end up selecting the incorrect answer quickly. It’s solely later that they understand their error and analyze the question.

8-   The GMAT and also the GRE are tests that last up to 3 hours. Once candidates observe questions at home, they'll solve them as they're not under any pressure and since their sessions can be short. But, on the day of the examination, they'll notice it difficult to remain focussed for such a protracted length. To avoid this, they have to practice taking the whole examination within the given point in time at home.

9-   A candidate preparing for the GMAT or the GRE ought to be practicing questions systematically and not simply on weekends or whenever they realize the time. Even if they're working, they have to make sure that they put aside a while throughout the week and follow questions. Consistency is the key.

10- There are numerous institutions on-line that sell GMAT and GRE preparation courses and material. However, most of them can teach techniques that the candidates won't be able to implement quickly while taking the exams.

      A candidate getting ready for these exams ought to procure the proper resources and select the simplest course out there to ace them.


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