Advantages of Technology in Education

Advantages of Technology in Education

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New technologies can be a great opportunity to try and grow with new ways of teaching in education. This article looks at the benefits of using technology in schools.

Among the reasons for using the technology, we present some of the suggestions suggested by several teachers and researchers

Equality-There is a big difference between schools in all countries. Even among public schools, there are schools with more resources than others. Students who have access to new technologies may have an increased opportunity to develop valuable skills and benefits in learning programs.

Motivation-With regular feedback, technology tools motivate more students to learn more.

Public- Creating opportunities for community outreach among students is another benefit of using IT.

It is possible to increase time and space. The student can access the materials and information presented by the teacher 100% of the time online. Allows reading anywhere, anytime. Note that class time is short.

Depth of understanding Through interactive simulation and illustrations, greater depth of conceptual understanding can be achieved. Thanks to access to the same tools, students can test their own ideas.

New learning- New technologies allow students to learn for themselves about projects. They can also create space for IT intimacy.

New self-disclosure media-Students can highlight their work with new technologies: presenting works with PowerPoint, recording/editing a presentation, digital photos, video, newspaper or diary, editing a school radio or TV channel, composing music in synthesizer, creating a website, creating a blog, etc.

Collaborative learning-It is an important skill, according to several researchers, in the new digital world, the ability to work collaboratively on projects with others who may be physically close. This can be done using new tools: the web, email, instant messaging, and cell phones. Instead of working alone at home, students can work in small groups at any time or place.

Global Communication- The student world vision can be expanded because new technologies allow global connectivity at zero cost. For example, the Internet allows video conferencing. We can say that the researchers highlight the importance of understanding other cultures through direct communication and collaboration.

Each time- Information technology allows students to organize their activities in a personal way, according to their time and organization. Without disturbing others, they can repeat difficult lessons and explore subjects that they find interesting.

Personal Production- Students need productive tools for writing, reading, communicating, editing, etc., as well as other staff. In this way, tools like your computers make the tasks more efficient.

Low cost- By using free and open tools on the web, a student can reduce costs with expensive study materials. Many things are done by academic communities and distributed free of charge on the web.

These are just some of the reasons why technology is important in today's school.


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