How To Make Friends In College? 5 Easy Tips

How To Make Friends In College? 5 Easy Tips

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This Blog is Dedicated to all the college students out there who find it difficult to manage people and make friends. Hope now you can win over friends easily.


How To Make Friends In College? 5 Easy Tips


This Blog is Dedicated to all the college students out there who find it difficult to manage people and make friends. Hope now you can win over friends easily.


We all know that in India the culture is such that up till class 12 or maybe even up till coaching we are bound inside the four walls of our study room and hardly socialize with anyone. Everyone reading this blog post must have definitely felt it at some point. Now when we finally come into college we dream about the variety of friends that we can make, we dream about chatting with those friends sitting in the canteen of the college. We, therefore, try to vibe with people and form a close bond with some of the cool groups of the college.


But before sharing my personalized tips on how to make friends Let me tell you the two hard truths about friendship.


     1. We go to college to build our future. This place is the foundation stone of our destiny. We are not here to build friendships and pass away our time with friends. This realization does  

         come in the final year of college. We then realize that if we had spent less time on social   

         gatherings and partying we would have been in a better company or in a better position   



     2. Well it is a famous saying that a man is known by the company he keeps. If in college you   

         hang out with people who regularly bunk classes or are not all inclined towards their future  

         goals you also tend to become careless like them. On the other hand if you have people     

         who are passionate about their success and want to achieve great things in life you  

         automatically become aligned to your own dreams and aspirations.


Well, I guess the choice is yours.


In your college life, you get 3 kinds of friends–


     1. Casual friends- These are the people you meet in the library, canteen, or even during 

         mess time. They can be people with whom you can share a little time at your  

         College. These friends are those with whom we cannot share our personal things, and so 

         they may just be called acquaintances.


    2. Comrades- These are the people who you hang out with, go to parties, go to movies,  

        share maybe class time. These are the people who live along with you at your hostel and  

        also someone you play your favorite sport with.


   3. Confidants- These are the people who can open up easily. You can share your   

       personal things with these people. They are your well-wishers. They can be maybe 1 or 2   

       friends in your college or they can even be your relatives, cousins or your family members.  

       Remember Confidants are the people who will be there whenever you get into any sort of 

       trouble in your life.


Now, the 5 Tips to Grow Your Friend Circle.


  1. Take Initiative- Taking the initiative to build your friendship is very important. You can start with a basic Hi, How are you approach. Taking it further you even ask them “Hey, Let’s go for dinner tonight”. Slowly and steadily these basic conversations will help you to know the person better and you can build mutual trust.


  1. Ask Questions- The primary reason for engaging a person with your questions is to make them feel special. There is no bigger driving force of attraction than to make someone feel special. They should feel interested about themselves when they sit near you. But try not to make it an interview session for them.


  1. Prefer Quality Over Quantity- In the beginning, you can hang out and get to know as many people as you want. But be sure in your mind that you only need a company of 2-3 good friends with whom you can share your personal feelings.


  1. Participate In Events And clubs- It is imperative that if you wish to make friends in college you should register yourself in the events and clubs. Events and clubs are the common breeding grounds. You can without any doubt make good friends over there.


  1. Alone is not always lonely- You should stick this phrase in your mind. You should take part in events even if your people are abject to it. With this you will gain more confidence. And remember winning over people is all about attitude and confidence.


With this said, I would like to end my thoughts.


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