MBA in Operational Management

MBA in Operational Management

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A MBA degree in Operations Management gives you the insights of every aspect in the operations of a business

Operations Management focuses on the planning, organizing and supervising of various productions and manufacturing of products or services which the organization is offering. A MBA degree in Operations Management gives you the insights of every aspect in the operations of a business. MBA in operations management makes you skilled in process analysis, productivity, responsiveness, and quality and product enhancements and thereafter you can enter any of these functions of the manufacturing firm, as a professional.  Operation Management segment of an organization not only deals with the management of processes and manufacturing systems but also deals with different aspects in which the company deals.  The MBA in operational management teaches you to ensure the quality of product as well as the quantity and quality manufactured in the manufacturing unit of the company. There are several fields which should work in sync in operational management which would affect the whole organization

MBA in operational Management is a discipline with multiple facets attached to it. Operational management lets you handle different parts of the business at the same time in a organized manner.  It lets you handle the planning, execution, organizing and supervisory functions in the context of the production and provisions of the products and services. You can lead many operations such as supply chain, production or marketing etc, being a specialist in operational management. The course deals with a very broader lion of study than most of the specializations.


  • As a basic criterion of eligibility, to pursue this course the candidate needs to have attained a basic qualification of graduation in any field, from a recognized institute of higher learning.
  • The next step in the procedure is to qualify any of management entrance tests like CAT/XAT/MAT etc.
  • A college may also have its own admission procedure on the State level.

Why MBA in operational management.

  • Vast choice of jobs- After doing MBA/PGDM in Operational Management, you can have a vast choice of career options, you can choose anything from Retail Manager, production head, Supply chain manager, marketing executive etc.  See, if we have many choices than we can go for whichever best suits us and also can switch at any time, which will lead you to experience much diversity in the type of industry.
  • Diversified Career Growth - Generally MBAs pursued in Operational Management from a decent B-School leads to the top managerial position, there is almost a certain chance to get hired amongst the leaders in any premium corporate in any industry.  Being comfortable with any industry, you get a very diversified choice of portfolio, which can always bring something new and better on the table.
  • High Salary- The salary offered after pursuing MBA in operational management is on a comforting side. The average annual salary offered to successful professionals of the discipline in India ranges between INR 3 and 12 lacks, increasing with the candidate’s experience and skill set.
  • Exciting day to day work- Dealing with customers, suppliers, and other members of the team on a continual basis means that no day is ever the same. Moreover, an organization is constantly in motion, and rare is the day when you find yourself sitting back with nothing to do. Customer concerns are a constant responsibility of anyone in the operations field, in any position, and keeping up with their needs is a full-time job in and of itself. It forms an ideal environment for those who thrive off a busy work culture that keeps you moving throughout the day.

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