NEP 2020: Role Of NEP 2020 Explained by PM Modi

NEP 2020: Role Of NEP 2020 Explained by PM Modi

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While addressing the convocation at Visva Bharati University, PM Modi highlighted the role of NEP 2020 in building a stronger self-reliant India. PM Modi also discussed the Union Budget 2021. Read below to know what else PM Modi said.

Role Of NEP 2020 Explained by PM Modi

While addressing the convocation at Visva Bharati UniversityPM Modi highlighted the role of NEP(National Education Policy) 2020 in building a stronger self-reliant India. PM Modi also discussed the Union Budget 2021. While addressing PM Modi said that the center has affirmed free access of millions of journals to Indian scholars.

He also highlighted the fact that Rs 50,000 crore has been allotted for research work in Union Budget 2021 for the next 5 years which is also very crucial for the country.

In the discussion, PM Modi explained how NEPNational Education Policy 2020 will be beneficial for the students to express and implement their abilities.

PM Narendra Modi said, “This education policy gives you the freedom to read different subjects. This education policy gives you the option to read in your language. This education policy also promotes entrepreneurship, self-employment. This education policy promotes research, innovation. This education policy is also an important step in building a self-reliant India”

PM Modi further added that “students should always remember that knowledge, thought and skill is not static, it is a continuous process and there will always be scope for Course Correction.”

As he was addressing the convocation at the Visva Bharati University, he said referring to Rabindranath Tagore Ji, “If Gurudev wanted to see Visva-Bharati as just a university, then he could have named it Global University or some other name as well. But he named it Visva Bharati University. Visva Bharati is itself a free ocean of knowledge, the foundation of which was laid for experience-based education.”


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