Top 5 reasons why B Schools are getting into PGDM over MBA

Top 5 reasons why B Schools are getting into PGDM over MBA

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Lets’ analyze the top reasons by which PGDM can be a better option than MBA

PGDM (Postgraduate diploma in management) is a diploma course focused on training of management students, while MBA is more course oriented, PGDM is more practical and presentation focused course.  Also, Masters in Business Administration or MBA is a degree course offered by the Universities (both Government and Private) and Colleges affiliated to these Universities. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a Diploma program offered by B-schools/Colleges that are recognized by Government of India’s nodal body for technical education - All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). It’s important to note that even the prestigious colleges like IIMs and ISB Hyderabad offer Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) and not MBA as they are neither a University nor are affiliated colleges to any other university.  Mostly autonomous B-schools provides PGDM course nowadays, and now PGDM has gain so much popularity that colleges prefer PGDM over MBA. Also, there are many and more corporate then before which are more comfortably accepting PGDM students over MBA students. PGDM being more industry centric has started to gain much popularity nowadays. There are several reasons for which PGDM students may succeed more in their respective careers.

Lets’ analyze the top reasons by which PGDM can be a better option than MBA


  • More Industry Centric

courses are designed in such a way that they are industry-centric when compared to the structure of MBA courses. Only autonomous institutions offer PGDM courses and they ensure that the courses contain updated syllabi matching the latest industry needs. While MBA courses go by the book, PGDM has a more open-minded approach and is more learner-oriented; basically PGDM focuses on the current scenarios of the respective industry and also with the overall market conditions.

  • Multiple choices-

While doing PGDM course, you can choose multiple specializations, when you enroll for a PGDM course, you have the liberty to specialize in areas of your interest. For instance, if you choose Finance as your area of specialization, you get to choose Marketing/Project Management/IT as minor specialization in the second year, which broadens the scope, giving you better options during placement.

  • Practical Oriented

Unlike MBA course, PGDM is more practical oriented, PGDM focuses on more practical knowledge of the subject than the theory sessions. It is a known fact that the best way to learn something is by practically, and that’s what PGDM is focused on.There are several internships and on site projects which is in the course structure of PGDM, The course offers a great deal of exposure to the industry you are going to work, before actually starting to work, There are certain rules, way of doing thing, and skills that can only be learned by performing, which is the sole purpose of PGDM.


  • Developing skills-

PGDM not only focuses on managerial skills, but also certain necessary qualities which will help a great deal while climbing up the corporate ladder. These days a mere degree in management studies is not likely to take you very far. It is important to develop good skill sets. Undergoing a PGDM course helps you develop such skill sets through various certification programs making you job-ready and catapulting you up the corporate ladder by giving you leadership and managerial skills that are in great demand today.

  • Placements-

curriculum includes practical exposure to industries through organizational study, internships and on-job projects that help students to build their corporate network which even helps them to fetch PPOs (Pre Placement offers). Most of the reputed institutions offering PGDM courses have tie-ups with leading companies. They also organize job fairs in a big way and ensure all their students get a fair chance to get lucrative offers and are well-placed.

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