Top programming languages part 2

Top programming languages part 2

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Programming languages and computer coding have made life simpler for us. here are some more programming languages listed


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that will continue to gain popularity in the next years. It was one of the first server-side languages to allow HTML to be used to add functionality to online sites. PHP developers are in high demand due to the growing online trend. Simple and easy to learn, faster than other scripting languages, highly secure to prevent threats and assaults, and amazing websites like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia run on PHP are just a few of the amazing qualities.



JavaScript is the most widely used programming language for creating interactive websites; according to Gorton, “almost everyone” uses it. When used in conjunction with Node.js, programmers can use JavaScript to generate web content on the server before sending a page to the browser, allowing them to create games and communication apps that run in the browser. JavaScript’s functionality is also enhanced by a variety of add-ons.



Golang was created by Google to be a system-level programming language that is efficient, readable, and secure. It’s ideal for distributed systems when systems are spread over multiple networks and must communicate by sending messages to one another. Go features a huge standards library and excellent documentation, despite being a relatively new language.



Because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) characteristics, this general-purpose programming language, which is owned by Oracle Corporation, has become a standard for applications that can be utilized independent of the platform (e.g., Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.). As a result, Java is known for its portability across a wide range of systems, from mainframes to smartphones. There are now over 3 billion people on the planet.



Swift was created by Apple in 2014 for Linux and Mac apps.

Swift is an open-source programming language that is simple to learn and provides almost all of the features of Objective-C. Swift is a programming language that requires fewer coding abilities than other programming languages and may be utilized with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix.



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