Why Btech Over BCA/Bsc In 2022

Why Btech Over BCA/Bsc In 2022

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This blog talks about Why Engineering is still a favored course for many students and also we will discuss the reasons as to why seats in BCA/Bsc are unutilised.


Why Btech Over BCA/Bsc In 2022. Let’s Read.


This blog talks about Why Engineering is still a favored course for many students and also we will discuss the reasons as to why seats in BCA/Bsc are unutilised.


We all know choosing a career path can be quite a daunting task. With Lakhs of students competing for a seat in the same college that you want to join does definitely cause cold sweating. In India, there is added pressure of parents and teachers. Amongst this chaos how do you decide which college and which course aligns with your future plans?


Here we have discussed 4 such parameters that will surely help you in choosing the direction to go. Let’s begin.


1. Academics

If you are good at studies and have a strong background in your higher grade  

classes it is good if you consider engineering as your field of study. This is because Engineering institutions provide you the research-oriented work where you can learn and hone your skills.


 Another factor is that you get to explore many things so your thinking becomes dynamic, and also, you learn to handle the last-minute pressures. Engineering would also inculcate in you a sense of decision-making. But on the other hand, if you consider doing a BCA/BSc degree these skills definitely would not come in handy to you.


2. Fees 

Fees is a very important aspect of your decision-making. Now, if you are able to clear the entrance exams of Good colleges like IITs, BITS, or even some NIIT then it is suggested that you opt for these colleges . You either pay the fees or even go for a student loan if your financial conditions are not that well off. These institutions guarantee you a high-paying job during which you can easily repay all your loans.


On the other hand, if you aiming for a low-ranked Engineering college do so only if you have a father you can pay your bills. These institutions do not assure you an industry job after your graduation. The fees of BCA/Bsc is very moderate and you can easily apply to it if you have the interest and passion for it.


3. Connections, Networks, and Culture

These 3 things are very essential and may also be called the ingredients to your success. In Btech courses there is a culture of entrepreneurship, coding, and startups. Most of the students are practicing coding which helps them to directly associate themselves with big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft earlier in their college days.


Such networking can not be seen if you trying to get into BCA/BSc course. You will have to put a lot of effort on your own to match this high level of skill and competence.


4. Backup career

 A degree in Btech is generally seen as a Backup career option by most students. Most students switch their fields after Btech and try their hands at Media, Communication, and other such services. But they that even if they are unable to succeed an engineering degree is sufficient to provide them a high-paying job in a renowned sector.


With a BCA/BSc degree, you don’t have these kinds of Liberties. You get stuck and higher studies or a Master’s degree after it is the only escape you have to get a high-paying job.


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