CAT Percentile Predictor-

With using percentile calculator, you can approximate your CAT score and CAT percentile, which will than help you to decide to choose which colleges to apply, and which not. It will further help students to calibrate the score and hence percentile to analyze their performance in the exam. IIMS have a very contorted way of calculating the percentile, we had tried to mimic the same criterion, but it can’t be accurate as they have very different and extensive considerations. Below is the approximate prediction of the CAT exam, provided you insert your total attempted questions and accuracy rate and you will get the expected score which would be in any ranges stated in the table below.

CAT Percentile Predictor

CAT Composite Score Percentile (Expected)
232+ 100+
174-232 99
160-173 98-99
138-159 95-97
118-137 90-94
103-117 85-89
93-102 80-84
83-92 75-79
75-82 70-74
69-74 65-69
61-68 60-64
54-60 55-59
49-53 50-54

Percentile Calculate For CAT