MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE)

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE)

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is an integral constituent of MAEER’s MIT Pune, established in the year 2008. MAEER’s MIT was founded in the year 1983 by Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, (Founder, Executive President & Managing Trustee)...along with the collective efforts of many educationists, scientists and social thinkers. MIT is among the first in professional education offering academic programs at more than 72 institutions and 4 universities across India.Drawing on the rich history of excellence in education and innovation, MITSDE’s offerings, curriculum design and delivery methodologies are unique, and hence they come together to offer the best-designed distance education programs that efficiently bridge the skills’ gap for working professionals.

Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM)

Duration : 12 months | Semesters : 2 | Eligibility : Any Graduate | Total credits : 46

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Duration : 21 months | Semesters : 3 | Eligibility : Any Graduate | Total credits : 78



Course Fees 

Program  Fees 
                                       PGCM             Rs. 49,000/-
                            Pay After Placeemnnt ( PAP)             Rs. 1,20,000/-
                                     Total Fees             Rs. 1,69,000


Program  Fees 
                                       PGDM             Rs. 60,000/-
                            Pay After Placeemnnt ( PAP)             Rs. 1,20,000/-
                                     Total Fees             Rs. 1,80,000


TotaL Fees PGDM + PAP - Rs. 1,80,000 / PGCM + PAP - Rs. 1,69,000

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Course Curriculum

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics is designed in such a way that you will get expertise in the latest Business Analytics tools and techniques. This course will train you practically with real-world case studies, ensuring that you are market ready.

Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

With the upcoming era of ‘New Normal’, going digital is the way forward. Companies are now relying on the digital platforms for all their needs. This paradigm shift has led to a boom in the field of Digital Marketing.

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

The PG Diploma in Project Management course is designed according to the curriculum of the Project Management Institute (PMI), by eminent trainers and experts. The course helps nurture project managers to play a pivotal role in the establishment of the scope of the project, and then oversee its progress until a successful delivery. MIT School of Distance Education.

Post Graduate Diploma  in Operations Management

The PG Diploma in Operations Management prepares you to confront the challenges put forth by the field, head-on. Academic and industrial experts have designed the curriculum keeping in mind the current orientation of the global industry. Every business today isgearing up to partake in the opportunities provided by the enlarged scale of operations in the present world.

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

The PG Diploma in Human Resource Management can catapult your career in the appropriate direction in the human resource management field. Designed by a team of experienced human resource and educational experts, the comprehensive course takes into consideration the up-to-the-minute developments and trends in the field.

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management

The PG Diploma in Information Technology course has been designed to suit your varied needs. The program gives a complete understanding of the broad conceptual and theoretical elements involved in the IT arena, in the most interesting methodology, keeping in mind the tight working schedules of IT professionals.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

The PG Diploma in Marketing Management course trains you in product development and design, brand and product management, marketing services, managing customer and business relationships, franchising. The course also introduces and equips you with concepts of ever-evolving digital marketing. It involves marketing mainly on the internet, mobile phones, display advertising.

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management

The PG Diploma in Finance Management is suitably designed to take advantage of the emergent financial sector. The course prepares you for relatively new finance-associated jobs that are finding their way in the new digitized world.

Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course encompasses business sustainability and green operations, general operations, project management and covers logistics management to equip you with the latest business and social needs. The program can help you to diversify or to take your career to new heights by virtue of the changing business demands.

Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management

The PG Diploma in Material Management presents a range of opportunities in various domains of business, rendering the field lucrative for certified and knowledgeable professionals like you. The field is wide open for the deserving participants in supply chain management companies, material management and retail industries.

Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management

The PG Diploma in Retail Management emphasizes skill development in strategic marketing, supply chain, product and brand, merchandising, and personnel management that are unique to the retail industry.

Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management

The PG Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management successfully integrates the relevant knowledge base from finance, quantitative analysis and management domains to prepare you for immediate absorption in the industry. The very specialised program is designed to take you through business risks in financial and insurance services, corporate governance and business sustainability.

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services

The PG Diploma in Financial Services teaches you crucial management concepts and makes you immediately employable in a host of important sectors. Sectors like Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stocks and other finance related functions welcome talented financial services managers.

Post Graduate Diploma in Construction and Project Management

The PG Diploma in Construction And Project Management course prepares you for challenging roles within the corporate domain, imparting the best theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It helps you develop the ability to lead a team of consultants, builders and site managers.

Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management

The PG Diploma in Energy Management brilliantly brings together the understandings of energy generation, management and sustainability. The course is constructed with an objective to impart fundamental and
in-depth expertise of the subject for you to get absorbed in the energy management industry.

Post Graduate Diploma in Telecom Management

The PG Diploma in Telecom Management is introduced with an objective to provide qualified and reliable telecom professionals in various roles for the thriving telecom sector. The curriculum is formed and structured by a mix of academic and industrial experts and ensures an in-depth technical and management knowledge for aspirants like you to get absorbed in the avid telecommunication domain.

  • Gen Next Learning:

MIT School of Distance Education - Leading Distance MBA Institute in India, offers PGCM/PGDM/PGDBA/PGDM Executive Courses. The Institute is a part of MIT Pune Group, offers innovative technology to its students while ensuring convenience and flexibility as the key offerings in Online MBA Equivalent Courses. The relevant study content is uploaded on your individual student account and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere at any given time.

  • Choice of specialization:

MITSDE has introduced a unique feature to customize your specialisation subject in semester III of the PGDM course namely "Elective Basket 1" allowing you to choose from a wide range of cross disciplinary subjects and design your course structure, that enables you to develop multi skills and multi task.

  • Student Support Mechanism:

The student support mechanism is designed keeping the working professionals time restrictions and availability of resources.

  • Placements:

MITSDE can assist you in placements by sending you regular mails on

  • Status of current job market and trends
  • Opportunities available in the market
  • Frequently asked interview questions
  • Interviews Tips
  • Guiding you on resume building

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