MBA in India

MBA in India

MBA in India

MBA in India

MBA which stands for Masters of Business Administration is a Post Graduate degree which provides education in different fields of ever changing business scenarios. One can apply for MBA by cracking one of the many management tests in the country like CAT, MAT, SNAP, CMAT etc. There are many fields in which they provide specializations like HR, Sales, Marketing, and Finance etc. XLRI Jamshedpur was the first college to offer full time MBA programme in India in 1949. There are around 4500 colleges offering. MBA in India until date. Here are some significant realities about the MBA program:

  • What makes MBA such a famous course is, that understudies from any foundation - including Science, Commerce and Humanities - can seek after it.
  • A standard MBA or Post-Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is commonly a two-year course partitioned into four or six semesters. Be that as it may, there are sure private organizations that offer one-year PGDM programs too.
  • One can seek after MBA in different modes, for example, Regular, Online and Distance-Education. Intrigued up-and-comers can likewise discover programs altered dependent on their expert experience, for example, Executive MBA.
  • Numerous administration establishments offer Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) or Post-Graduate Program (PGP) in Management rather than a MBA degree. There isn't a lot of contrast between the two, yet for their titles.
  • The full-time MBA is the most famous among all, and incorporates hypothesis classes, reasonable undertakings, and entry level positions.
  • Crisp alumni just as applicants with a couple of long periods of work experience decide on a full-time MBA. A few schools favor new alumni while a few universities give higher inclination to applicants with a couple of long periods of work understanding.
  • Then again, the Executive MBA is fit for applicants with more than 5 - 10 years work understanding as it is intended to improve their administrative and authority aptitudes to remain pertinent in the activity advertise.
  • Online MBA, Part Time MBA and Distance MBA programs are perfect for applicants who wish to contemplate while working.

Why MBA?

When graduation put an end, student start pondering over most fitting post graduate program. Making passage into corporate world become reality by pursuing an expertly structured business program. Frequently, student takes choice of MBA since we have grown seeing our senior's or in our relative choosing MBA as career option. Student think of doing MBA happens out of trend only and there is nothing wrong in it.

Today MBA is to be one of the promising expertly structured course to assimilate the idea of administration and art & science of leadership which will work as roadmap for one's successful career.

"Management is doing right things; leadership is doing things right."

A large number of us concur with this statement so are most certainly not. Professionally designed management programme will bring edge in your career by breaking obstacles in career and adding new path in your growth ladder.

The idea of spending in MBA usually perturb individual. Is studying MBA from top b-school making decent choice? Is this money investment will be fruitful for career? All this thought plays in your mind.

So here are we to let you aware with the Benefits of "Why MBA"

  • High Salary- MBA will bring return and benefits in monetary aspects .If you search about the comparison between the salary paid to a person with MBA degree and the people with non- MBA is having a great gap. Conversely with various specialists inside any organization, a MBA graduate is regularly better and even more overwhelmingly changed.
  • Curb of Conventional Jobs -Having a professionally advanced designed course frequently turns into an advantage when somebody joins any organization. It isn't essential that all have a specialization like - Engineering, Specialist, Chartered Accountant, or others. and there is constantly an overabundance of supply. Having ordinary graduation degree will just give conventional occupations, and such employments consistently have prepared substitutes. There is no interest for conventional profiles.
  • Breaking boundaries - Even formerly MBA used to play very crucial role in grabbing growth in corporate world and now many marked and esteemed organization have made it an approach to contract just MBA even at the passage levels. This MBA pursuing individuals are labeled as “Management Trainee” and it is these administration learners who climb the stepping stool.
  • Personality Development - A MBA helps in by and large personality development. It’s not about learning about subjects. Professionally designed course is very important in acquiring and building delicate skills. The course has better introduction and relational relationship abilities by tweaking the correspondence. This correspondence capacity is improved from the vivacious preparing and gathering talks conferred as a feature of the educational program. There is a re-designing and polishing of the personality, which generally would have taken, carefully long years.
  • Team Creation and management - This is one of the important key for any of the organization to make their place in the corporate at top level. A good team is very important to achieve personal goal as well as organisational goal. This is the team who perform in different segment .We have heard so many time if you want to go far, we have to grow together.
  • Gaining Confidence - When you focus on personality development it result into volumes of confidence level. The character improvement prompts an abnormal state of certainty. Having high confidence is the portal to profession achievement. The present-day corporate situation requests confidence and the capacity to impart trust in others. These incorporate inward associates, bosses just as outside clients, accomplices, and so on. For them to have confidence first, the self-assurance ought to be taught. This is the place having a MBA makes a difference.
  • Develop Leadership Qualities and Brush it up - Very often we have heard about it “Leader are not born they are made ‘.Well I know some of us are not amicable with this statement. If any of individual is born with particular trait still they need proper guidance & training to make optimum and best utilization of it. MBA lets you realise you leadership attributes. During your MBA, you will be participating in many activities which will fuel you to polish your leadership qualities and decision making abilities.
  • Adding growth in present Opportunities - Management degree will add feathers in one’s career cap. Now candidates are doing MBA to get hike & promotion and top level positions in company as well .Even the most deserving candidates are required MBA degree to earn managerial top position due to companies’ structure & policy.
  • Reaching your traditional business on another level -We are living in the era where the people availability realizes by the green button of light. Either it’s about election campaign or fetching food at your home everything has been surfaced on online portal. New terms like SEO, Keyword, and Analytics have been added in the fluctuating business world. Now people are doing MBA to acquire innovative ideas to get familiar with latest method and use the in traditional business to take it on another level.
  • Starting your start up - We always complain about the unemployment but we usually don’t focus over the idea of creating employment. So here your MBA will help you. Now many of MBA passed graduate after gaining enough experience planning to start their own start up which will make them able to give provide jobs .This MBA duration let you inculcate the capacity of being entrepreneur.
  • Building network web - When you read MBA one come in contact of different personnel and professional which provide opportunities to build network web. When you indulge in professionally designed courses you get connected with different human resources manager, marketing head of company during workshop and in other activities which will create more of networked connection for you .LinkedIn App is the best examples of working professional platform.
  • Agility in Learning process - Any of the individual can opt for MBA. In fact working professional can go for part time or distance MBA programme to imbibe the skills. Now many institutions are providing part time MBA programme for working professional to give volume in their skills and knowledge in their particular streams. Institutions are providing online classes, live classes in weekend, you can attend the workshops organizing in weekend term .This agility in the MBA programme lets you understand current market scenario along with your working exposure.
  • Edge in global market - MBA holder has overall qualifications. MBA degree gets an edge in global market also. In fact globally, companies are hiring the MBA holder in their workforce to get better results.
  • Specialization Specified- The advancement of a particular division is an end to the expansion of another part. As the economy of any nation expands, a consistently expanding number of divisions are added to it. A MBA course allows aptitudes as required by corporate need. It invests critical energy in specialization like - HR, Marketing, Operation, IT, Business Analytics, Data Science, Data Analysis etc. This makes specific organization specialists who are used for the specific branches.
  • Absorbing Knowledge& Skills -During MBA, Courses & Curriculum are taught according to the changing dynamics in corporate sector,. It helps you to make aware with your inner skills and to build new one so that you can cope up with upcoming problems and imbibe new skills. You are processed according to different skills required in corporate.
  • Ace in all department -Skills of all the specialist manager are restricted up to some limit of operation .A chartered accountant can look into accounts , review and audit it only. An engineer can handle the operation activity up to some extent. The management degree holder can evaluate the outside economic situations and simultaneously distinguish a swelling of expense in the interior division of the organization. They can suggest suitable measures.
  • Increase in volume of Job Opportunities- When you look into eligibility section for applying job almost every company is now adding the line of preference give to MBA candidates. This increase the volume of job opportunities for MBA Degree holder. A MBA Degree will offer you numerous points of interest particularly on the off chance that it is done from some top B-schools, getting significant compensation bundle, jumping to top managerial position in company , building a huge and dependable network connection even starting your own venture are a portion of the advantages of doing MBA.
  • Top level people are MBA holder- The corporate culture is evolving. Trends and graphs are fluctuating so frequently that the organization are now making policy of assigning the position at top level MBA holder because of their competence of far vision .with their ability to foresee the upcoming opportunities and threat coming in path of business environment so they can take right decision to make the most of former and cope with the later.

A MBA Degree will offer you numerous points of interest particularly on the off chance that it is done from some top B-schools, getting significant compensation bundle, jumping to top managerial position in company , building a huge and dependable network connection even starting your own venture are a portion of the advantages of doing MBA.

MBA eligibility Admission Criteria:-

Full-time MBA qualification criteria are as per the following:

  • The essential qualification criteria for MBA (full-time) is Graduation in any order or proportional from a perceived college
  • The majority of the establishments follow the base score criteria in Graduation which is 50 percent in normal or identical. For Reserved class understudies, the base score in 45 percent in total.
  • Last year Graduation up-and-comers are likewise qualified to apply for MBA, if they present the verification of finishing of Graduation degree inside the length indicated by the establishment.

Admissions to all B-schools ordinarily occur through an affirmation test. This test can be one of the accompanying sorts:

  • National Level Test directed by a pinnacle testing body or a top national B-school for the benefit of the other taking interest universities. Eg: CAT, MAT, CMAT or ATMA
  • State Level Test led by a state level testing body or a top state B-school in the interest of the other partaking universities/ colleges in that state. Eg: MAH-CET, OJEE, KMAT, TANCET or APICET
  • Test directed by a B-school for access to its own MBA program. At times, these scores can be acknowledged as passing criteria by other B-schools too. Eg: IIFT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, IBSAT
  • Test directed by a University/college for access to MBA programs being offered by universities/college that are partnered to it. Eg: KIITEE, HPU MAT.

Top MBA Entrance Exams:-

Given beneath is the rundown of top MBA tests scores that are legitimate for admission to different B-schools. Such as:-







Popular MBA Specializations:-

MBA Marketing


MBA Finance


MBA/PGDM Specializations


IT & Systems


International Business


Human Resources- HR


Energy & Environment


Import & Export



Business Analytics

Healthcare & Hospital

Digital Marketing

Business Economics


Agriculture & Food Business



Project Management

Rural Management

Sports Management

Supply Chain


Textile Management

Public Policy

Disaster Management

View Top MBA Colleges by Location:-

Additionally MBA ensures fast-paced career growth for launching their way into the industry. The success ratio of B-school alumni is far greater than those of others. MBA or Master of Business Administration is a busy road, with rapidly increasing number of students every year, there is also an upsurge in the number of B schools. According to a report India has 1/4th of the total B-Schools in the world of around 4000 out of 15000 in the world.

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi/NCR

Top MBA Colleges in Pune

Top MBA Colleges in Mumbai

Top MBA Colleges in Ahmedabad

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Top MBA Colleges in Noida

So that’s a pretty promising fact, there are many factors which lead to decision of choosing particular B School, like geographical location, Fees structure, Placements, Faculty and Alumni. Most of the top B-Schools are amongst the IIMs as they are Top notch management institutes in India, but there are others lined up too. Let’s look up to some of them.

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