Terms and Conditions for the Candidate(s) Applying for Internship

AGREEMENT: This Terms and Conditions are made on behalf of Edumyra Services Pvt. Ltd. for the candidate(s) who are applying for internships/placement program offered by them.

In this Terms and Conditions Agreement,
 Edumyra Services Pvt. Ltd. is here after referred as ESPL.
 Candidate(s) are the individual(s) who are interested in our program and want to apply or is applying for internship/placement through us.
 Company word used in this agreement stand for the organisation where candidate(s) will be offered internship(s)/ placement.

Application and Entire Agreement:
1. Who can apply?
2. How to apply?
Candidate(s) interested in doing internship/placement need to visit our company website and click the internship icon and a registeration form will pop up. It is compulsory to fill each and every segment of the form and submit after reading, understanding and accepting the terms and conditions mentioned here.
3. Procedure: Once your form is received, ESPL will check for vacancy for the post, candidate(s) have applied for and match the internship/ placement requirements of the company with the resume of the candidate(s). If requirements matches, candidate(s) will appear for an interview with ESPL and if you qualify the interview , answers found satisfactory, then only candidate’s resume will be forwarded to the company where the candidate(s) have to appear for final interview process.
4. Candidate(s) will appear for video call interview if s/he is not able to come ESPL office. But candidate(s) have to visit the office for once with the documents before or after the interview.
5. Candidate(s) will process an online payment of Rs. 1599/- for internship and Rs. 1111/- for placement as registeration amount.
6. Registeration fee is applicable for 6 months, effective from date of registeration. After 6 months this agreement will become null and void.
7. If candidate(s) is not able to clear 3 to 4 company’s interview in 6 months, then, ESPL is not liable to that candidate and no refund will be made because ESPL believes on PLUCK UP YOUR COURAGE.
8. If candidate(s) misbehave with ESPL interviewer, his/her form will be automatically rejected.
9. If candidate(s) misbehave with companies’ interviewer or while working in company which is not acceptable by company law and order , which leads to termination of his internship with the company, In that case ESPL is not liable to the candidate(s) for: His/her activities, Refund of registeration fee, providing internship in another company.
10. Candidate(s) will bring original documents of 10th, 12th, graduation/ post graduation, aadhar card, other certification (if any), updated resume, 2 photographs.
11. Candidates’ documents will not be used for any other purpose. They will be safe in our data base. ESPL will only use it to conduct interview and to provide your info to the company where the candidates’ interview will be scheduled.
12. If documents are found to be fake, a fine of Rs. 1000/- has to paid by the candidate(s) in order to misguide and cheat the ESPL.
13. Candidate(s) will not make direct contact with company offering internship until and unless offer letter is given by them to ESPL for the candidate(s).
14. As ESPL is making a platform for fresher’s to learn the industry practices practically therefore, we does not promise to provide you paid internship. It solely depends on the company whether they want to give stipend or not.
I have read and understand the above terms and conditions of opting for internship through ESPL. They have right to give my documents (mentioned in point 10) to company for interview. I accept this agreement.